There are numerous types of advertisements that reach millions of people every day. Because people are constantly bombarded by advertisements, it is that much more important that an advertisement is able to stand out from the rest.

Although most people notice the visuals or graphics first, the words on the ad can be just as important. I found an ad, which had a very interesting take on its usage of words.

The advertisement had a visually grabbing image, which went well with its catch phrase. The phrase “If you really want to touch someone, send them a letter,” made me smile because it had such a nice sentiment behind it.

The advertisement can be found at,r:0,s:0,i:152


I find feature story writing to be one of the most interesting forms of writing to read. It is designed to draw the reader in and entertain him or her with the information that the writer is presenting.

I read a feature story, The Ride of Your Life, the other day that was entertaining and informative. It was discussing how theme parks are a controlled environment that are built to move the guests along at a certain space and feel specific emotions. There is a science involved with how the parks are constructed.

I enjoyed the introduction of the article and the writer did a good job of drawing readers in so they will continue reading. It is written in a way so the reader can easily understand what the writer is trying to convey. It also did a good job of sticking to the same tone and theme throughout the entire story. I thought it was an interesting topic that is not well known and it affects a large majority of people.

The story can be found at

Most likely I will be involved with the production of a media kit during my professional career since I plan on working in the public relations field. Therefore, it is important that I understand what components make a media kit  attractive to journalists.

I found an example of a media kit created for  Sertus. The media kit was not about a specific event or occurrence, but instead outlined the company’s goals, mission, and standards.

I thought it did a good job of keeping a consistent theme throughout the entire media kit. It contained more dry facts and figures, instead of human interest stories. The media kit did a good job of providing plentiful information so the reporters would not have to spend a lot of time or legwork finding information about Sertus.

The Sertus media kit can be found at .

This week I am reviewing a news release. Since I want to be a part of the Make-A-Wish team in the future, I reviewed one of the organization’s news releases that was on their website.

The news release was about ESPN and Make-A-Wish  teaming up to grant six kids’ wishes. It was also about ESPN doing a summer series profile on each of the wish kids. The release contained interesting information, and I liked the writing style. Although I did notice some things that did not follow the news release model I have learned in class.

In the news release title all of the beginning letters were capitalized, which I have learned is not The Associated Press style. Only the first word of a title needs to be capitalized according to AP Style. The release was a hybrid news release. Its introductory paragraph did a good job of hooking the reader and making the release interesting.

The news release can be found at

I have recently become addicted to blogs, and I’m always searching for new and fun ones to read. I don’t like political blogs or ones that require deep thinking. I read blogs to relax, and enjoy lighthearted ones that are craft or food oriented. The other day I stumbled upon one I really enjoyed reading.

Sprinkle Joy is a fun blog that focuses on the simple things in the blogger’s life. The blogger, Liz, talks about recipes she’s made, destinations she wants to visit with her husband, inspirational quotes, and what is going on in her life right now. Her blog is happy and personal, and the blog format displays the personality Liz wants to demonstrate.

Liz’s writing style for Sprinkle Joy is in first person and informal, which is common for blogs. She has many pictures in her posts that make it more interesting and appealing. All of the pictures can make some of the posts look long though, which may stop the reader from taking the time to read it. I think Liz’s writing in her blog is fun, easy to read, and encourages people to read her posts.

Sprinkle Joy can be found at

I have always found the Make-A-Wish organization to be awe-inspiring, and I am interested in working for them after I graduate from college. Because of this I have spent much time on their website learning about their mission, values, available internships, and anything else related to the organization.

The Make-A-Wish website is easy to navigate around because everything is clearly labeled. The headings of drop-down menus have good titles that allow the user to know what type of information will be found under each menu. Also each item found in the menu is descriptive enough to let the user know what information will be found in the section.

I like how there are many wish stories on the website. These stories allow me to see what Make-A-Wish is actually doing to make a difference, and it also makes it more personal. They are well-written stories that capture the uniqueness of each child and wish.

The organization does a good job of conveying what it does and stands for through its website. The heart-warming touches found throughout the website like the wish stories, videos, and first wish story encourage people to donate time, money, or experience to the organization.

The Make-A-Wish website address is