I have always found the Make-A-Wish organization to be awe-inspiring, and I am interested in working for them after I graduate from college. Because of this I have spent much time on their website learning about their mission, values, available internships, and anything else related to the organization.

The Make-A-Wish website is easy to navigate around because everything is clearly labeled. The headings of drop-down menus have good titles that allow the user to know what type of information will be found under each menu. Also each item found in the menu is descriptive enough to let the user know what information will be found in the section.

I like how there are many wish stories on the website. These stories allow me to see what Make-A-Wish is actually doing to make a difference, and it also makes it more personal. They are well-written stories that capture the uniqueness of each child and wish.

The organization does a good job of conveying what it does and stands for through its website. The heart-warming touches found throughout the website like the wish stories, videos, and first wish story encourage people to donate time, money, or experience to the organization.

The Make-A-Wish website address is http://www.wish.org/.