I have recently become addicted to blogs, and I’m always searching for new and fun ones to read. I don’t like political blogs or ones that require deep thinking. I read blogs to relax, and enjoy lighthearted ones that are craft or food oriented. The other day I stumbled upon one I really enjoyed reading.

Sprinkle Joy is a fun blog that focuses on the simple things in the blogger’s life. The blogger, Liz, talks about recipes she’s made, destinations she wants to visit with her husband, inspirational quotes, and what is going on in her life right now. Her blog is happy and personal, and the blog format displays the personality Liz wants to demonstrate.

Liz’s writing style for Sprinkle Joy is in first person and informal, which is common for blogs. She has many pictures in her posts that make it more interesting and appealing. All of the pictures can make some of the posts look long though, which may stop the reader from taking the time to read it. I think Liz’s writing in her blog is fun, easy to read, and encourages people to read her posts.

Sprinkle Joy can be found at http://sprinklejoy.net/.